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Mediation is a process by which two or more parties attempt to resolve conflict through the use of a third-party neutral professional, or mediator. If an agreement is reached, the parties sign a binding and irrevocable settlement agreement. This agreement most often becomes the basis of a more lengthy and formal court order (drafted by an attorney in most cases) which, once drafted, is presented to both sides for approval and then to the court for a Judge's approval and signature.

Some mediations are conducted in a "joint caucus" setting, which means all parties are in one room and communication is organized so that both parties are heard and can express their side of the dispute. In other, "separate caucus" mediations, the mediation begins and ends in separate rooms. You may express a preference to be in a joint caucus or separate caucus, depending on the needs and interests of your particular case.

Mediations through Jennifer Wherry, P.C. are scheduled in half-day or full-day sessions and can take place at the offices of Jennifer Wherry, P.C. or at an off-site, agreed upon location.

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Jennifer WherryJennifer Wherry is a family law attorney, with a primary focus on Collaborative Divorce and Mediation in Montgomery County, Texas. She is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas, a certified mediator, and a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Law Center and Baylor University, magna cum laude. She is a native Texan, wife and mother of three boys.